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01 Sep 16

Monthly Market Recap – August 2016

If you were paying attention to the stock market in August, you noticed the lack of volatility. If you instead found yourself preoccupied with weddings, weekends at the cabin...

14 Aug 16

The hidden risks in conservative stocks

With corporate bonds and U.S. treasuries carrying incredibly high prices for minimal returns, investors in search of higher yields have pushed up demand for dividend-paying stocks like utilities and telecoms.

01 Aug 16

Monthly Market Recap – July 2016

This summer has been a season of extremes. Political tensions and temperatures have both been running hot. By some measures, both have never been higher. So, naturally...

01 Jul 16

Monthly Market Recap – June 2016

If you weren't familiar with the term "Brexit," you are now. That's the name adopted by media and market analysts to describe the scenario of Britain leaving the European Union...

27 Jun 16

What financial advisors are saying about Brexit

Matt Arnold weighs in on Brexit. and what it means to investors, in an interview with Kare 11. "Panic is not an investment strategy and that rings true today,” said Arnold...

01 Jun 16

Monthly Market Recap – May 2016

Upon further review of investment performance in May, there were Technology stocks and there was everything else. Tech busted out of its slump in a big way last month, gaining 5.6%...

25 May 16

2016 Best of Minnetonka Award

Marks Group Wealth Management has been selected for the 2016 Best of Minnetonka Award in the Investment Advice category by the Minnetonka Award Program.

02 May 16

Monthly Market Recap – April 2016

In many ways, April was a microcosm of the stock market's year thus far. Plenty of market-moving headlines, an unwavering obsession over central bank policies, and no shortage of volatility...

07 Apr 16

Monthly Market Recap – March 2016

A lot can change in 50 days. That's how long it's been since February 11, when the stock market was crumbling, the sky was falling, and investor panic (for many) reached its climax. Fast-forward 50 days and the...